Co-parenting is a reality in our society today. We do not know the circumstances of your parting, nor do we need to know, unless it concerns the health or well-being of our patient, your child.

Our office understands that split parents should have equal access to their child’s health record unless a court order specifies differently. Absent an order of the court to the contrary, we will assume each parent shall have equal access to the health record of the minor child. Each parent will be set up for their own portal access to view children’s chart(s).

Parents should provide our office with current copies of court orders related to custody with every update. Information regarding your child’s custody arrangements should be quickly relayed to Peacock Pediatrics so that your child continues to receive uninterrupted, quality care.

  • Joint Custody: If joint custody is in effect, either parent may consent for medical care and treatment.
  • Joint Legal Custody: Both parents have equal authority to consent, however, the court may require that both parents agree upon certain, or all medical decisions made on behalf of the child.

What to expect from Peacock Pediatrics:

  • Your child’s health and well-being are our main concern.
  • Our office will not be a messenger between you and your co-parent.
  • We will provide all the information regarding the risks, benefits, and alternate options on any treatment in question to the parent or guardian attending the visit.
  • As a final option to parental disputes about a minor’s care, the case could be referred to child welfare authorities.

What we expect from you, the parent:

  • Your child’s well-being is your main concern.
  • Peaceful, consistent, and purposeful communication regarding our patient.
  • The adult who brings the child to the visit is expected to provide information about the visit, diagnosis, and treatments to the other adult involved in the care of the child to best support the health of the child.
  • Parents should come to an agreement themselves and not bring the provider into a dispute if the decision is not life threatening.
  • You will not criticize a co-parent in front of our patient.
  • You will keep conversations in our office kid focused.
  • If you are the parent taking the child to the doctor, we will consider you the person responsible for paying copays. Unpaid balances will be expected to be paid in full or a payment plan arranged. We will not bill you for a portion of out-of-pocket expenses and then bill your co-parent for his/her portion.